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Release time: 2020-11-27 23:59

Company profile:
Founded in 2006, Linyi Consmos Wood Co., Ltd is situated in Linyi city which is the most famous and the biggest plywood producing center in China and in the world, Consmos has been engaged in manufacturing, processing and trading for the whole range of plywood and wood-based panel products for nearly years since 2006.
With the continued efforts of Consmos team, Consmos has been developed into one of the most famous brand name of plywood and OSB products in China and world widely.


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Veneer Faced OSB
Detailed Products Description
OSB(Oriented strand board) Description,Плита OSB или ОСБ:
Grade:OSB/1,OSB/2,OSB/3, OSB/4, (OSB1, OSB2,OSB3,OSB4 ),with better structure for structual sheathing , 4 edges sealed by water-proof paint in green color or other color sucha as blue,yellow ,red,brown etc.as requested. 
Consmos OSB Grade:  Consmos five star grade OSB, Consmos four star grade, Consmos three star grade, Consmos two star grade, Consmos seven star grade, Consmos six star grade... 
Type: 1)Normal OSB,mixed wood species flakes as core,high press and good strength for quality. 
          2)Veneer faced OSB, OSB both sides sanded then laminated by veneer of Bintangor or Okume 
          or Poplar or Pine or Birch etc.
          3)Full Poplar flakes/Chips OSB, both sides sanded with smooth surface.
Thickness: 6mm/8mm/9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/15mm/18mm/21mm,22mm,25mm,...30mm 
Size: 1220x2440mm, 1250x2500mm,1450x3000mm, 
         or cut-into-size suchas : 915x1830mm, 915x2135mm,1220x2135mm,1000x2135mm,1000x2440mm etc. 
Glue: MR glue, E2 glue,E1 glue,melamine WBP glue,phenolic WBP glue 
Formaldehyde release grade: E1
Moisture: 6-15%
Density: 650-760Kg/CBM
New Products:  Melamine OSB, or Melamine faced OSB,Melamine paper laminated OSB in wood grain or cold white or warm white color.
Size: 1220x2440mm
Thickness: 15mm,16mm or 18mm Melamine OSB for furniture application.
Packing: covered by plastic bag, fastened by steel belts with pallets, strong export packing. 
Payment term: 40% in advance, 60% be paid within 5 days after sending copy of BL.
Inspection: the boards will be inspected piece by piece , each qualified board will be put a sticker in the corner.
Shipping date: usually within 15-20 days after receipt of prepayment .
Shipping marks: standard CONSMOS shipping marks for export, as below cited option:
APPLICATION OF CONSMOS OSB: OSB can be used as roofing panel, wall panel, furniture, door ,package materials etc. Indoor and outdoor OSB.
Features of Consmos OSB:
1) Tight construction and high strength
2) Minimum twisting, delamination or warping
3) No rotten or decay, strong against corrosion and fire
4) Water proof, consistent when exposed in the natural or wet environment
5) Low formaldehyde emission
6) Good nailing strength, easy to be sawn, nailed, drilled, grooved, planed, filed or polished
7) Good heat and sound resistant, easy to be coated.
8) Note the OSB 3 is for use on flat roof situtaions, a far better product than standard chipboard or particleboard.
Shortly, compared with the old manufactures suchas Louisiana Pacific or Weyerhaeuser etc, our products would be with similar quality performance but with much better and competitive price. Now are selling our OSB 3 products very popularly in Mideast, Asia and East Europe and Russia etc..  
Also we are flexible to make the different level quality products according to your requirement...
Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding Chinese OSB, or please visit our OSB factory special website: www.consmos-osb.com .
OSB/2 -a cost-effective and versatile panel,ideal for non-structural applications such as boarding-up,packaging,signboards and furniture etc.
0SB/2 is used mostly in dry conditions whilst OSB/3 is used in more humid conditions. It is also available in tongued and gooved boards,Bitumen coated boards for roofing applications, Flooring OSB with a peel off protective film.
OSB/2 is used in the folwong areas, boarding up,packaging,flooring,furniture,pallet tops,signboards and temporary formwork.
OSB-3 - a cost-effective,fully certified alternative to softwood plywood,for use in structural applications such as roofing,flooring and timber frame wall sheathing,amongst others.
It's made for exterior sheathing, outdoor use only ,and no harm to the human and the environment. 
OSB-3 board is manufactured with a minimum moistrue content of 5% offering greater dimensional stability. OSB has no structural defects such as knot holes and core woids and is easy to work with. It cuts easily,can be routed,apindled,planed and bored with consistent results and glued with adhesives. Panels can be nailed up to 10mm from the edge without splitting or breaking out.
OSB/3 is used for roof decking, roof sarking,wall sheathing,flooring,packaging,hoardings,signboards and portable buildings. 
What is OSB and How Consmos OSB be produced ? Consmos OSB factory workshops 
OSB also called waferboard,Sterling board, is the short name for Oriented Strand Board,it's made by small piece wood veneer(flakes) and cross pressed in the surface veneer and core veneer with high temperature and high pressure. 
OSB with better features of much more durable, much stronger,as a good replacement of thicker plywood or solid wood plank,have been widely used in packing as packing box or pallet,decoration ,furniture as frame plank and building sites such as formwork panel,also specially in Canadian Style Housing Construction.
What is OSB1,OSB2,OSB3 and OSB4?
Generally, such grades are made by EU standard EN300-1997,the rough understanding as below:
OSB1: interior,use UF glue
OSB2: interior,use MDI glue for the core and PF or MUF for the surface pressing,with better structure for structual sheathing
OSB3:exterior,use PF glue,with better structure for structual sheathing
OSB4:exterior,use PF glue,with super structure for structual sheathing...
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Product recommendation


1.What are the advantages of your 100% birch plywood?

1)Professional producing with up to 35 producing procedures
2)imported birch veneer from Russia directly, selected birch veneer
3) Deep knowledge of high grade 100% birch plywood, equivalent to Russian and Finland top birch plywood producers
4)Lower formaldehyde emission, healthy and responsible for nature and society
5)Grading professionally for different applications. We have Top grade LUXPLY birch plywood series of S5 and s100, we have PLYNOVO birch plywood A and A+ series


Sure. No problem. Customer logo is available.


CONSMOS Film Faced Plywood
1)Has grade from 1 star to 7 star.
2)It can be reused 2 times, 6 times,8 times,12 times, or more than 30 times. 
3)The core can be finger joint, poplar, poplar&eucalyptus, hardwood, birch etc.


We specialize in producing full Birch Plywood, OSB, Film Faced Plywood, MDF, Fancy Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Door Skin HDF , Chipboard, LVL/LVB and etc.


Our professional QC team will inspect all boards piece by piece before packing and shipment, Consmos does not allow defective board to be shipped.


We have passed Europe CE and EUTR, ISO, FSC, America CARB/EPA and TSCA certification. Our products are reliable and authentic on the international plywood market.


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