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    From A Birch Tree To The Google Office

    From a birch tree to the Google office


    A lot of people ask what our brand CONSMOS means. We smiled and told you that our brand originated from the universe, our journey is far away, our journey is the world, is stars and sea...

    In the West, the word universe is called cosmos in English, кocMoc in Russian, Kosmos in German and cosmos in French. Both come from the Greek word κoσμoζ, which the Ancient Greeks believed created the universe by creating order out of chaos.






    Order and harmony are exactly what CONSMOS has been boasting for many years. 
    We have a factory specializing in the production of full birch plywood, manufacturing the world's top luxury grade plywood, our S100 boutique full birch plywood into the international market.
    Because of our superior quality, a large number of customers who pursue high-end products have come to contact us. Although some people are discouraged in front of the price, but more is everyone's recognition and publicity, our high-end full birch plywood gradually established its own reputation in the international.



    From a phone call...

    One day, our office got an unexpected call from someone who had heard about our top-of-the-line full birch plywood.He offered to place an order for the best full birch plywood, and quickly confirmed the order. In the face of the customer's trust, we were deeply moved, arranged the factory to work overnight, the roar of machinery day and night, finally successfully completed the customer's order. 

    At first, we only knew that the S100 full birch plywood was sold to a trading company in Shanghai, and then where it was going next, we didn't know. It wasn't until a few months later that the customer who had ordered the full birch plywood contacted us again and said mysteriously, "Guess where that full birch plywood went?" 

    Everyone was aroused by curiosity, opinions were varied, perhaps it was the decoration of a private villa of a rich person, or the repair of a private collector's exhibition hall. Besides, who will hear our reputation and buy our birch plywood? 

    In the end, however, the result was unexpected for all of us. Originally, this batch of full birch plywood, through the Shanghai trading company, first in Wuxi furniture company was made into a batch of boutique office furniture, and then this batch of furniture across the sea, came to the United States, California, mountain View, installed in the soul of the Internet, the headquarters of Google's office. Everyone covered their mouths in astonishment.






    Linyi CONSMOS Wood Industry Co.,Ltd

    Linyi CONSMOS Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd

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