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    CONSMOS Group| Seaside Trip

    CONSMOS Group Organizes Seaside Trip


    Then, asks you to

     joyfully to embark.


    Go to the seaside to pick the sun, and return to CONSMOS to shine. At the end of August, CONSMOS Group organized 140 employees and their families to go to the sea and embrace nature.






    The First Attraction
    Water Park

    Train sightseeing, beautiful scenery

    We sat on a small sea train, passed the glass trestle, the water stage. The sea breeze is blowing the coat, the waves are crashing, the seascape is accompanied along the way, the hustle and bustle of the city and the troubles of life disappear...






    Shouting springs, interesting and passionate

    Facing the sea, the CONSMOS family shouted with passionate voices, praying for the family to go in peace and the rapid development of the company.



    Dragon boat race, advance together

    The fresh, fun and exciting "Dragon Boat Racing at sea" tourism experience project is very popular. The CONSMOS family was full of excitement, picked up the OARS, took the boat offshore, and experienced the dragon boat race. The dragon boats, like the water dragon, break through the waves and truly feel the unique charm of "national intangible cultural heritage".






    Sea golf, elegant style

    The blue sea replaces the green lawn, and the luxurious golf moves to the sea, which does not lose the elegant style, but also has some fun in it. The CONSMOS show off their skills, swing gracefully and enjoy the green, oxygen, sunlight and friendship that aristocratic GOLF brings.




    The Second Attraction
    Liu Jiawan Chaihai Garden

    Find "treasure", happiness is infinite

    The tide rises, arouses thousands of waves; The tide recedes, leaving behind shells, fish and shrimp... Liu Jiawan Chaihai Garden has nearly 9 square kilometers of intertidal zone, with flat beaches and fine sand and abundant Marine goods.




    In the face of the gifts of nature, the CONSMOS family rolled up their pants, barefoot, walking on the beach, picking up conches, catching crabs... Busy, of course, also got a full harvest.






    In the evening, the CONSMOS family boarded the return bus and drew a beautiful end to the trip with laughter. 

    In recent years, CONSMOS Group has always adhered to the concept of "fulfilling work and happy life". In the team building activities, welfare benefits, training system, etc., to provide a full range of security for the work and life of all employees.




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