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    Follow us, let's learn about Consmos Great Bear birch plywood!

    ▲Russian birch wood used by Consmos Great Bear Birch grows in the frigid zone, and all the birch used by Consmos Great Bear comes from "Russia" in Europe. The trunk of birch is white, the bark is smooth, cold-resistant, fast-growing and insect-resistant, and is often used for afforestation. Birch is often thinned to make birch plywood.
    ▲Birch is often peeled into thin slices. All the birch used by Consmos Great Bear is imported from Russia.
    [Main features of birch] Birch is often used to make speakers, yachts and baseball bats, or for high-end interior decoration. Its main characteristics are high hardness, high stability, moisture resistance and insect resistance.
    ▲Birch plywood is used in the manufacturing process of speakers and sailboats.
    Question and answer time:
    Q1: In some places, the climate is humid. Is the birch plywood of Consmos Great Bear moisture-proof?
    Q2: What is the difference between Consmos Great Bear birch plywood and solid wood? A1 & A2: Answer both questions together. Birch plywood has been popular in European and American countries since the Second World War.

    ▲Eames Lounge Chair Plywood-Classic Eames Lounge Chair Many "classic furniture design products" use birch plywood, which is of the same grade as solid wood, and the processing method is also the way of solid wood processing. Birch plywood is divided into two types for construction and furniture. It is the highest grade material in plywood.
    The five characteristics of birch plywood are as follows:
    [Aesthetic] The birch itself has rich and detailed wood grain, and the original wood color is light white. It is used in the home space to give people a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.
    [Durable] Birch plywood is famous for its durability. In addition to the high hardness of the birch itself, in the manufacturing process of the birch plywood, each piece of birch core board is formed by hot pressing in a cross-intersecting manner. The positive and negative intersecting composition makes the plywood Stronger.
    [Safety] Because birch has fewer knots and smooth edges, it is less prone to cracks, so it is quite safe to use. In fact, birch plywood is a very suitable wood material for children. [Moisture-proof] Birch plywood can maintain its non-deformation characteristics in a high-humidity environment, and its moisture resistance far exceeds that of common plywood on the market, so it is quite suitable for use in humid climates.
    [Environmental protection] Birch grows in the cold zone of Northern Europe and Russia. It is a tree species that can regenerate quickly. In the process of making birch plywood, the whole tree trunk will be cut into thin slices and used up, and there will be no waste or loss. Its high regeneration speed also reduces the negative impact on the environment. Consmos Great Bear has passed the FSC international forest certification for four consecutive years, and has always adhered to the FSC mission of "forests in symbiosis, endless growth", practicing eco-friendliness and realizing green development.
    ▲A chair made of birch plywood.
    Q3: Is there any difference between Consmos Great Bear birch plywood and the boards used for assembling furniture? A3: The different features of the two are shown in the figure below.

    ▲Comparison of Consmos Great Bear birch plywood and other types of panels. The main reason why high-end furniture uses birch plywood is that, in addition to its beauty, some furniture has special latches in the design and structure, which requires materials with sufficient strength and high processing flexibility. [Multiple disassembly and assembly] The reason why birch plywood is used in many mortise and tenon furniture is that birch plywood is durable and strong, and the material itself is high in density and strong enough to embed the nut in the wood, allowing users to perform multiple disassembly and assembly. damage. [High stability] Due to the high stability of birch plywood, two dissimilar materials (metal/wood) of many furniture will not affect the structure of the product itself due to the shrinkage and expansion of the material due to weather changes when it is clamped. In contrast, although the price of birch plywood is slightly higher than that of ordinary boards, it is beautiful, durable, moisture-resistant, safe and environmentally friendly, and its overall characteristics are even better than some solid wood materials. The most important thing is that many classic designs that have been circulating for more than half a century have used birch plywood. There must be a reason why it is so popular and popular. Consmos Great Bear is committed to producing and popularizing high-quality birch plywood, so that everyone Have the opportunity to be able to come into contact with classic beautiful things in life.