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    New recommendations---HPL FROM CONSMOS WOOD GROUP

    HPL (high pressur laminates) is a kind of high-tech green environmental protection decorative board.
    It's the core material is made of 70% natural wood fiber and 30% thermosetting resin by high temperature and high pressure layer by layer polymerization, referred to as HPL board.
    Its surface is a protective layer composed of special substances, covered in the color layer, the overall processing.
    HPL plate has extrusion impact, uv resistance, weathering resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and fire prevention, anti-static, anti-moisture and other excellent performance.
    Our products have high surface flatness, good fire performance and beautiful surface layer. Marco can be processed into different colors according to needs without any decoration and good economic performance.
    Because of its special materials and processing technology, the plate water absorption rate is very low, will not be affected by moisture and mildew or decay.
    Actual photo of the factory:

    With excellent quality and competitive price, which is secured by our professional team with more than 100 workers, our clients are now all over South America,Europe,Middle East and Asia. You are more than welcome to contact me if you have any question or interested in any products. 

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