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    Consmos Midyear Meeting

    Half a year Later, June flies
    A period of time, a few stories
    In twos and threes, spotty
    In a flash
    Half a year has passed since 2021
    The first half of Consmos is a prosperous year
    Consmos held the 2021 half-year Summary Meeting

    The Most Lovely Person
    We have to keep summarizing all the time to get more experience
    In order to bring us get closer to success,We should always in constant reflection

    General Manager's Speech
    We have confirmed from the beginning of Consmos Group is a career that need to pursued in our lifetime.
    We don't require you to have a high degree of education.
    We don't limit how old you are.
    We don't pay attention to your talents.
    We don't care if your background is noble.
    We don't think about whether your conditions are good.
    What we really care about from the heart is that you are willing to work with Consmos and always fight for life.
    I believe that as long as we have a high sense of responsibility and strong cohesion,
    Fast execution, which can help us build us into a well-trained team,
    We are an army that can overcome difficulties , Consmos will surely become a big team.
    We all Proud of Consmos . Consmos is our common stage for long-term win-win development.

    To newcomers
     What you have done may not be able to see results for the beginning, but don’t be discouraged or anxious. You are growing, taking root and drawing nourishment. The true persistence is never being disappointed by God, and it will bloom brilliant flowers in the end. In the first half of the year, more than 30 colleagues chose Consmos, and the big family of Consmos always welcomes you join us. 

    Award ceremony
      "Data is the best light to guide you." Opportunities are always equal in front of everyone. There will always be gains when you pay, and you will succeed in hard work.

    Kick Off Metting
    In the end, if we want to set a goal, we must unswervingly move towards the goal.
    The first half of 2021 has passed,
    Let us cheer up and start a new journey in the second half of the year with vigorous vigor, high spirits, fearless courage, and pioneering spirit.

    Contact:The Marketing Manager:Lesley Lee