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    Harvest Season affect price

    Plywood and harvest are two different things. But in China, the two different things have a few close relationships. Usually, in the Season Of Harvest in China, plywood prices will increase.
    The reason is that all the workers in China plywood factory have their own farmland. When Season Of Harvest coming, most of workers have to go to harvest their wheat, peanut or rice. A lot of factories even have to stop production for several days to give workers more time for harvesting. The output of plywood in China will fall off at this time.
    Some log/veneer factories will stop operating too. The quantity of veneers supplied on the market will decrease. In the meantime, the prices of veneers will increase, which will lead to plywood price increase because costs of raw materials increased.
    Each year, plywood prices will increase in this period. It’s not surprising that recently the prices of plywood / film faced plywood have increased. Because it’s the Season Of peanut Harvest in China now next month will be the Season of rice harvest. We CONSMOS remind you if you have any purchase need please kindly buy some in stock in advance.
                                                                          By Grace