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    Happy Children's Day



    Children's Day

    Children's day, also known as the "International Children's Day", held in June 1st each year, the world of children's festivals. When the "six"International Children's Day, when children are happily celebrating their own festival. That smiling faces, waves of voice, are full of happiness and joy.







    The international children's day of every year is scheduled for June 1. It is to ensure children in the world the inalienable rights of life the rights of education, custody, in order to improve children's life, to trial against children and poisoning children and the establishment of the festival. At present, many countries in the world will be June 1 children as the festival.


    Celebrating Children's Day with CONSMOS

    微信图片_202205281521232.jpgEvery Children's Day, all over the country are organized in various forms of activities to celebrate the festival of children, CONSMOS family is no exception.It is a special benefit of CONSMOS Group to spend "Children's Day" with their children since its establishment, so that parents know that they should spare time to accompany their children to play, read and study even if they are busy with work.







    This year, CONSMOS Group has prepared favorite gifts for each child: building blocks, Transformers, remote control cars, pens, books, etc. Parents bring their children to meet new friends, play games, play toys, read books and learn together...






    Super Light Clay



    CONSMOS Group has also prepared clay activities. When it comes to clay, both adults and children can have fun playing with it. It is colorful and soft, and we can easily teach children to mix colors.


    Lucky Draw




    CONSMOS wishes all the children 

    Happy Children's Day



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