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    Consmos HPL Plywood

    Furniture HPL  plywood, also known as a refractory sheet, is known as high-temperature laminated cardboard with paper impregnated with heat-curing resin.
    The British acronym (HPL) is a fire-resistant building material for surface decoration. It has rich surface color, texture, and special physical properties.
    Fireproof panels are widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory bench, exterior walls, and other fields.


    Thickness 6.5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 mm
    Water Resistance So High
    Density  540-700 kg/³
    Emission E1
    Moisture Content %5 – %14
    Standard Size  1220 mm x 2440 
    Solid color (gray, white, black, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, etc.) and wood grain (beech, cherry, walnut, teak, oak, maple, wenge, rosewood, etc.) & fabric grain and marble grain.
    More than 1000 kinds of colors are available. Melamine MDF is widely used for furniture, interior decoration, and wood flooring.
    It has good properties such as acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant, easy to produce, anti-static, easy cleaning, long life, and seasonal effect.

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