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    Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts For Consmos Families

           Mid- Autumn Festival is one of the most important Festivals in china. Even as important as the Spring Festivals.  When Mid-Autumn come,
    our Consmos always prepare gifts for all family members. Like Moon Cake,Cookies,Eating Oli,and China Wine.  as best wishes to all families .

    In the day of Mid-Autumn. we will have dinner together with all family members, eating Mooncake, gazing at and whoshipping the moon, also some fireworks for celebration. 
    why we like  gazing and whoshipping the moon? two reasons
    Firstly, one Mid-Autumn day, the moon is biggest and fullest, looks really beautiful.
    Secondly, there is a legend in china.  One beautiful lady called Chang'e live on the moon. everyone wants to be lucky who can see Chang'e.

    Anyone wants to listen more stories or legend about chinese, call me !

    Curry Sang