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    National Day holiday, Consmos holiday schedule

    The year is the annual National Day on October 1st, the birthday of our great motherland. Along with ups and downs, it's been 71 years of our mothers, this day, this nation will celebrate the festival at the venue.
    But this year is special, National Day and Mid- Autumn Festival are on the same day, then our holiday schedule as below: From October 1, 2020 to October 5, 2020, there will be 5 days off, and normal work on October 6, 2020. 
    When it comes to holiday, we would like to talk more about National Day and Mid Autumn Festival.
    National Day each year, countries have a different forms of celebration activities to strengthen its people's patriotic consciousness, strengthen the country's cohesive force. Between the various countries to also congratulate each other. The National Day every ten years or every five years, will hold a grand celebration. 

    Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China, it used to be as important as Spring Festival. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautiful moon light. The main traditions and celebrations include eating mooncakes, having dinner with family, gazing at and worshipping the moon, and lighting lanterns. To the Chinese, Mid-Autumn Festival means family reunion and peace. The festival is celebrated when the moon is believed to be the biggest and fullest. To the Chinese, a full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and family reunion.

    During our holiday, our Consmos sales will always online, any inquiry from any customer please feel free to contact us! We guarantee offer you the most competitive price based on the top quality!
    Wishing you and your family all the best!

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