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    Happy childlike, flying dreams







    Growing up, there was a gully in my heart,

    Full of brain "survival",

    Dreams and interests are ignored,

    Because it seems to be "difficult",

    in fact,

    There is always a happy "treasure" hidden in life,

    You need to use your child's eyes to discover.



    Childhood is the most wonderful stage of life

    The child at that time was a flower

    Is a fruit

    Is a dimly clever

    It is a non-stop activity

    The life of children is the life of games

    The world of children is the world of games

    Children are our future

    Is our hope

    It is also the most precious wealth of our country




    Flower buds are your years, wrapped in clumps of green leaves; summer is your festival, singing is full of your books; prosperity is your waiting, and colorful dreams are realized with you. Children's Day on May 1st, May happiness be presented to you!





    The sky on June 1st is as blue as water

    Sweet song of Liuyi

    Make our crystal clear

    Incomparably pure heart wing

    The dream of June 1st quietly blooms around us

    The blessing of June 1 warms our hearts

    The laughter of June 1st is all around us

    On June 1st, we were enveloped by the glow

    This is a festival for children all over the world

    It is a festival that all children are looking forward to

    Sixty-one is to tell life six ones: a good body, a good family, a good career, a good mood for a lifetime, a group of good friends, good luck in life! Consmos-DALI Bear wish all have six ones for lifetime